Dope Soul

My soul was sick

It started to show on my body

Turned skinny as a stick

Going to the hospital became a hobby

Phicisians were my homies

Pills of all sorts, my buddies

Accostomed to pain

From crying I constantly refrained

Yet In vain, what a shame!

Everyday, tears poured out of my eyes like a violent rain

So used to hurt

I never thought people could genuinely love

Still I strangely went beyond and above for men’s love, the wrong love

While stomping on God’s love, the real love and burrying it under dirt

The dirt of my sin

Oh my soul was so sick and filthy

I was rotten from within

Putrafaction slowly started to show on my body

Dirty body, destroyed by sexual immorality

It perturbed my mind

Mind hooked on pornography I was worst than an immoral junky

Immorality,  the word that ruled my world

Threatening me with death each time I tried runing  back to the word

Word, my life was hell!!

Mistakes of the past as torrid flames burned the joy of the present

And calcinated the hopes of the future

In brief dear, my life was a torture

Fortunately this man came and ended my agony

On a radom day of April,

as I stood before him so febrile

sunset-waves-water-clouds-drama-black-and-white-photoHe open the float gates of heaven and poured his grace onto me

He cleansed me, with a shower of love and compassion,

Nothing I’ve ever felt in the past could stand in comparison

Who’s the man you may ask?

Answering this is a simple and joyful task

He is THE superhero without a mask

For you, his identity let me unmask

Jehovah Rapha the one who heals

Man I love the way he feels

Jehovah Jireh the one who provides

In him I now abide

Jehovah Shammah the one who is here

Faithfull friend He never leaves my side

Jehovah Shalom the one who sends peace

The only one I wish to please

#DopeSoul !

He healed my soul,

Now I gotta serve him,

I gotta play my role,

Now that’s my primary goal

I’m forever thankful to my God so faithful and merciful,  he washed me and made me beautiful

How can’t I be grateful,

In him I found more than I was looking for

Turned a sick soul into a dope soul, a soldier soul

over which he has total control.

Now my mission is to repeat the story for his glory

I’m on soul patrol, spreading my testimony

for his glory.

One day,  you will stand in my place

His splendor shining on your face

And like me you will tell the world

“Jesus the almighty healed my soul”

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