Found Identity

2010: LOST! Trying to figure it out, weak, broken, hurt, insecure. Pretending to be strong, happy and confident

Pretending is an art that I had mastered But God put me on blast, he said this can no longer last
Made me understand that man cannot pretend before his master
“Dear daughter,  you can’t hide anything from me, I’m your father, all mighty”
He softly whispers this to me

2012: SAVED! Starting to figure it out, happier, stronger, less insecure. Still spiritually immature and fragile

Transparency is what he asks of
me Perfection isn’t my part, it’s HIS art Master piece in the making all I have to do is surrender to my king
Clear glass, is what I have to be
So the world can see, what I used to be
And how he is changing me so beautifully
Putting me on top of the chart
When not long ago I was hanging at the bottom of the cart


My Identity he reminded, I am a
Member of the Divine royalty I am a
Princess of the King of kings I am a
Daughter of the most high I am
Fearfully and beautifully made
I am so valuable,  for my life the highest price was paid
I shout out loud with pride
That I am the chosen bride
Awaiting for my husband to come and take me home

I found my identity

99244_tIm headed into my destiny

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