Something Out Of Nothing!

Hey there Daughter Of The Most High 🙂

To kick start the Music section of the blog, I just want you to know that I LOVE MUSIC!!!tumblr_mffywzS98t1rf9dzwo1_500 From R’n’B to Zouk, Rap and Reggaeton, Afrobeats to Congolese rumba. I just LOVE ME SOME GOOD BEATS, over which edifying lyrics, that give glory to God and inspire me to be a better Christian, are singed.

But there is a myth going around the globe saying that those styles of music are of the devil… -_-  First of all the devil does not invent anything he copies and perverts. So while those styles can be highly associated with secular/wordly/sinful music and artists, I believe that if the lifestyle of the artist gives glory to our Almighty Father God, and their songs as well, and they lift our spirit, encourage us, and edify us, THE STYLE OF MUSIC IS JUST A PLATEFORM TO GET TO MORE SOULS. That is MY humble opinion. So I always pray that God convinces me when the artist I am listening to could lead me astray through their art. music-for-studying-best-study-musicMusic selection tips:

When choosing which christian songs to add to your playlist, first PRAY about it.

Ask GOD to guide and direct your choices. Then, pay attention to how you feel WHEN and AFTER listening to the song. If it reminds you of your past and you kind of miss those days and want to go back there, STEP AWAY FROM THE HEADPHONES, ABORT MISSION! This was the case for one of my friends with the reggae style of music, she listens to other styles but not that one, (smart girly). However, If it makes you realize how good  God is, makes you want to SHOUT ALLELUYAH, fall on your knees, cry out THANK YOU LORD, or dance like David, KEEP LISTENING TO THE SONG! It’s good for your spirit!

Song review

My testimony, like yours and theirs, is pretty unique. But at the same time, it’s VERY relatable; not only others can relate to me through it, butt it allows me to relate to others! I feel like God MADE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING with my life, and that is why I love this song so much.
Jessica-Reedy2Something out of nothing by Jessica Reedy just makes me want to say thank you God for saving me. It reminds me how merciful he is. This young women has a powerful testimony: a pastor grandchild who got pregnant out of wedlock, but kept pushing through the shame, and then dedicated her life to serve God. Quite relatable right.

jessica-reedy-something-out-of-nothing-music-video-mp4-snapshot-00-15-2012-07-11-11-18-39Like Jessica I always ask myself  “Lord where would I be Without your grace and mercy“? And the answer is scary… Any-who, I hope the song will bless you as much as it does me, and for those of you still hesitant to follow CHRIST, don’t hesitate anymore and he will make something out of the nothing (or the total mess) that your life is right now.

Be blessed,

#DaughterOfTheMostHigh ❤

Ps: Click on highlighted words to be redirected to Jessica’s biography, lyrics to her song and youtube video.

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