Stay in the water…

“But, just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all your conduct.” –1 Peter 1:15


One day a sister fell into fornication with a brother, twice. Few days later, during one of their get together, she told the brother that she did not want that to happen again. She added: “I felt very guilty before God and myself. I do not want to live like that”. The brother, faithful to the sweet-talker boy that he was, (that is, by the way, how he managed to get the sister in his bed), promised to his lady that it would not happen again.

But, while they were spending time together some other day, he tried to make the girl give in. This time, she was NOT having it and got angry. After calming down and coming back to her senses, she tried, once again,to explain to the brother that she was serious. Part of her speech went like this: “I now understand that it’s your nature, to you it is normal to have sexual relationships outside marriage while the two of us are Christians and serve God… But for me, it is not, and if you’re not able to understand and respect that you and I can end it here!”


In response to that, the brother said: “well, I can say that you too are like that and that it’s your nature as well, because you stuffed my ears with your principles and your values , that you supposedly wanted to wait until marriage now… ”

The sister, very calm, with a smile on the corner of her lips, replied: “Yes, I acknowledge that my actions did not match my words, but it’s not my nature, it’s not my lifestyle… Unlike you, I feel bad since it happened. I really got hurt in my being, I felt that the Holy Spirit was saddened. It’s like a fish… A fish can get out of the water several times, but each time, it stirs as it is out of its element. It therefore seeks to return to the water “…

What I’m trying to say in this article, is simply that a Christian can fall (in sin), but he/she remains Christian. But it is impossible for a child of God TO LIVE in sin, (live in immorality, theft, lies, etc., all day, every day) without being very uncomfortable at some point.large

I also want to encourage you to stay in the water. Dear Fish, even if in the past you came out of the water and stayed on dry land for 10 minutes before returning in the water, there will be a day when 10 seconds out of the water will cause death. YOUR death! We should not play with fire: you ought not to play with sin!

Remain in the water, remain in the presence of God in His word. Pleasures of the world are not worth it!

My sister, the next time you see red flags in the language of the brother you’re dating, (including non-verbal/ body language), RUN!!! Such things are non-negotiable! A wise man once said “The weak man believes he is strong and tries to resist temptation. But the strong man recognizes his weaknesses and RUNS AWAY from temptation”. Furthermore, the Bible says, “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide an escape, so that you may be able to endure it.“-1 Corinthians 10:13. So you can (and should) resist temptation and live by these principles of abstinence, purity and holiness.

The man who truly loves you will wait for you! Do not be agitated, do not give into fear of losing the one you’re with at the moment. The man who loves you, who has been predestined for you will respect you! And you will recognize him!

1754103-thumbBe blessed,
#DaughterOfTheMostHigh ❤

4 thoughts on “Stay in the water…

  1. Love it! Been here before and it took me a while to realize that no man is worth losing my purity or relationship with God! I’d rather be single and still have God than to be dating someone but not have my relationship with God! I can do without a man but I CAN NOT do without God!

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