My Testimony is my strength!

Hey princes and princesses,
Let’s take a quick break from the subject we’re discussing right now. And allow me to THANK YOU for presence and support on both the blog and the YouTube channel, – do not forget to subscribe and also share a little thought with you …

I’ve noticed that the articles and videos that I’ve shared, whose topics were inspired by the Holy Spirit, have had so much more impact than those that where drawn from my  own human reflections / observations.
My “messages” about self-confidence and our value in Christ, for instance, are things that God has taught me, truths that he has imprinted in my heart, and asked me to share with others, as I move forward … (You will soon be video bombed lol)


Lessons: Sometimes we do not want to share on a given issue because we find it trival, corny or shameful … We’d rather talk about something else because it sounds cooler, or because we have more ” expertise ” in that “field”… But when God instructs us to share the “corny” topic, we must OBEY! Because as children of God (first) and servants (afterwards), we are instruments called to do His will, for the glory of His Holy Name alone!

There is at least ONE soul that will be healed, encouraged, restored though that message that you may find “tired” or “oldfashion” …

It’s not always fun, but it’s always worth it !!


All the inboxes that I receive from girls telling me that my testimony (this tiny bit of my testimony), helped them to accept themselves flaws and all,  warms my heart, and encourages me to continue sharing my defeats, victories and lessons.  It is also a way for me to grow even more on my Christian walk.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it!!

If you would like to share a testimony with the rest of the royal family here and / or on the Youtube channel, SEND ME AN EMAIL OR AN INBOX MESSAGE  ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE. Let me know if you want your identity to be revealed, or if you would rather remain anonymous. Also, let me know on which platform you allow me to share your story: (blog, facebook, instagram, youtube, or all of them).


Daughter Of The Most High is not just about me. I believe that each of you princesses, each of you princes, have something special to bring to the other members of this royal family, and to those who are still in search of their true identity. No story is too small; a testimony is the strength of a person, a strength communicated to the one who hears it.



Be blessed,

#DaughterOfTheMostHigh  ❤


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