Godly Dating 101 – #5: ‘Till Happily Ever After​ or Letting Go?

Hey princes and princesses 🙂

So in the previous articles I shared with you the bit of knowledge I acquired about dating (trust me I’M STILL LEARNING). I want to end this first series on Godly Dating on a very important note.
I’ve seen so many princesses fight for relationships with no future (I have been guilty of this so many times), blocking, thus, the better things God was keeping for them…


The thing is, Godly dating is also knowing when to put an end to a relationship (I wrote about it previously). As Christians, everything we do is supposed to be Spirit-led. That includes who we date and who/when we STOP dating. You might not like it, but it’s true, Godly dating also means LETTING GO!

Sometimes, the Spirit leads us to end a relationship (for several different reasons) but because we love our partner we disobey. However, we need to love GOD more than we lone anyone else! And loving God means obeying him. It’s not always easy I know, but it’s ALWAYS worth it! But please let’s not be cowards and “blame” everything on the Holy Spirit when it simply is our flesh that wants out of the relationship.

000let-go-damage-300x300Also, it is not fair for you, or your partner, to remain in a relationship with each other when God’s best for you lies totally outside of that relationship. Godly dating sometimes means letting go and letting God. Especially when the relationship is toxic; it is an unhealthy worldly behavior to remain in a messy relationship. It is an absolute distraction and worse, it’s self-destruction. Your partner is supposed to help BETTER you, not bitter you!

However, we need to be wise enough to realize that love needs to be nurtured; relationships take work! There is nothing Godly about abandoning your partner and hopping from a relationship to another every time the level of difficulty exceeds what you had expected. If you are serious about the feelings and convictions you claimed to have, and if you’re intentional about the relationship, you need to WORK and PRAY, ALOT! Nobody said courtship was easy!

What I’m trying to say is: we need to know when to retire, when to put an end to things: sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently.
Godly dating is trusting that God’s best for you might not be who/what you thought or wanted it to be.
Finally, and this is very important to remember because we are Christian, I urge you to do everything amicably: in respect and consideration of all parties involved, their feelings and reputation.


May God give you wisdom and discernment.

Be blessed,
#DaughterOfTheMostHigh ❤️

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