Addicted - big

With time, our flesh becomes accustomed, worse, ADDICTED to sin; it always needs more! More sexual imorality, more improper dressing, more unholy amusement, more of EVERYTHING WE NEED TO GET RID OF IN ORDER TO GET AND STAY CLOSER TO THE FATHER.


But with salvation comes SOBRIETY. After we’ve been through Jesus rehab it is our duty, with the help and counsel of the Holy Spirit, to adopt healthy & holy habits in order to stay sober. Just like any former addict, the moment we relapse is the moment we collapse. So, everyday, we need to renew our connection with our Savior if we want to overcome our flesh’s addiction to sin.

The moment you relapse is the moment you collapse. Take action


May the Spirit of The Great and Mighty Living God help you stand strong in your faith, and overcome your addiction(s)!

Philippians 4:13

Be blessed,



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