Purpose (#2) – Victoria Glory

Greetings amazing child of God.

If you’re reading this, I suppose you are fully aware that your existence isn’t meaningless; there’s a purpose and calling on your life. And also, you’ve read the first article of this series.

I hope you’re having fun and enjoying getting closer to your Heavenly Father. Isn’t it beautiful to fellowship with the Holy Spirit and have Him unravel mysteries about your creation and why you were created?

On the previous article, we said that purpose is like having God point His finger at you in the middle of a big crowd and tell you-you’re not out here for no reason but for a purpose!


Ways to finding out your why are through affiliation with Him, through revelation as you go through the Scriptures and let Him speak to you. God can also use someone as a messenger to give you the information.
For this second article let’s focus on the attitude one who’s looking to find out why they’re here. But let us also see these as the attitudes of those that refuse to die without living in their purpose.

1. They’re hard-headed like Jacob. Remember when he fought with the Angel of The Lord at Peniel and said this: “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” The man wrestled until something took place, he wrestled his way into his destiny.  Friends, let us become true fighters when it comes to our purpose, refuse to back down. Let’s make this happen! Read Genesis 22:22-30

2. They focus on what is necessary like Solomon. The man was strategic. he could have asked for all the money in the world but instead, he asked for wisdom, smart move! Why? Because it allows you to make great decisions, to go the right way, to live purposefully. Let’s imitate Solomon here and desire what’s useful to our purpose, wisdom is useful and it’s available.  Read 2 Chronicles 1:7-11

3. They are full of courage like Esther. For the sake of her people’s liberty and well being, Esther confronted the King, which was a big deal at that epoch because one could not come up to the King without him handing out the scepter first. With great courage and audacity, she sought after him regardless and got what she was after at the end but it took guts! Read Esther 5:1-7

We could go on and on but for now, let’s stop here and focus. Let us all examine ourselves as we reflect on all this.
One thing is certain every single person on this planet has a purpose but not everyone is a man/woman of purpose. I, personally am still a work in progress when it comes to this. How about we grow into this together?

Until next time, PEACE & GRACE from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Victoria Glory, Founder of Kingdom Time.


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