What’s it all about?


In the course of our life, it so happens that there are moments when we feel totally misunderstood, taken for granted, used, judged and a bunch of other depressing, alienating, negative feelings. I know I have, for a long time, felt like this and worst! I needed someone to talk to, (often someone outside of my family), I needed an older female whom I could look up to, trust and confide in. If you ever felt this way, or know someone who has or is, you will absolutely enjoy the blog.

But wait, for those of you who have it all figured out (or almost), you will also fall in love with Daughter Of The Most High because your advices, experiences and wisdom will be needed and are welcomed. And because you will find other things that will get you HOOKED

The reason being of Daughter Of The Most High, is to provide young ladies (age is nothing but a number, sisters), with advices on several subjects, such as faith, Christian walk/life, relationships, courtship, and whatever else YOU will want to read about. (Fill out the e-mail form, and ask me your questions, shout your suggestions they are all welcomed).

But hold on now! If you love beauty, fashion, food, hair and skin care, music, (who doesn’t?) YOU WILL BE SERVED! To the best of my abilities, references to scriptures, (and the help of experts at times), I will share tips and secrets (or just random thoughts/fun facts), and more, on these topics. The blog is really to remind my sisters that they are not alone, others have gone, and are going through the same thing(s). Do not let the world step on you and keep you down, you are a DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH, keep going!

So all in all, Daughter Of The Most High is a platform for discussions about, love, growth, fashion, food, motivation, beauty, positivity, sex, music, courtship, friendship, etc., from a Christian female perspective. Because as Proverbs 31:30 says, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.” So sisters, let’s give him glory in ALL aspects of our life.

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Be blessed!


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