La crainte de Dieu

Deutéronome 6:24 "L'Éternel nous a commandé de mettre en pratique toutes ces lois, et de craindre l'Éternel, notre Dieu, afin que nous fussions toujours heureux, et qu'il nous conservât la vie, comme il le fait aujourd'hui." Hey princes et princesses. Ça fait un bail dit donc!! Je devait m'absenter pendant un moment, mais je suis bel [...]

My Testimony is my strength!

Hey princes and princesses, Let's take a quick break from the subject we're discussing right now. And allow me to THANK YOU for presence and support on both the blog and the YouTube channel, - do not forget to subscribe - and also share a little thought with you ... I've noticed that the articles and videos that I've shared, whose topics were [...]

Dating 101- #1 : One at a time.

What is the purpose of dating more than one person? Do you intend on marrying them all? Just like your steps, take it ONE AT A TIME!

Getting married soon?

Can someone tell me why there's so much pressure to get married, in African communities, in general, and  Christian African communities in particular? Why do we place our sisters/daughters / friends in Christ's value in the hands of the one they will get married to? Why do we tend to easily forget that our value, each and everyone of us, is in Christ and [...]

Tu te marie quand?

Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer pourquoi tant de pression pour le mariage dans les communautés africaines, en générale, et africaines chrétiennes particulièrement??? Pourquoi place - t'on la valeur de nos soeurs/filles / amies en Christ entre les mains de celui qui l'épousera? Pourquoi oublie - t'on si rapidement que notre valeur, à tous et toutes, se trouve en [...]

Untied: 5 steps to break soul ties

Hey Princes and Princesses 🙂 Now we know what soul ties are, how they are formed, and what they do/cause. I said in last article  that the good news is SOUL TIES CAN BE BROKEN! You can be freed from that feeling of being tied, knitted to someone who hurt you. Here is how... Acknowledging: Just [...]

Is your SOUL TIEd?

Hello princes and princesses, hope you are all doing well. As mentioned in the last article, today we'll discuss soul ties. Soul ties?!? We hear it often, but, quite frankly, do we REALLY know what it is? I sure thought I did, until I did some research for these posts... Let me tell you, I learned [...]

Abstinence: What? Why?!

  "For this is the will of God, [even] your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication" -1 Thessalonians 4:3 Hello Princes and Princesses, In the last article I quickly introduced the topic of abstinence. Advising my dear princesses not to give up the cookie before marriage. By the way, that advice applies to you [...]

Do not give the cookie up!

abstinence /ˈæbstɪnəns/  noun 1.The act or practice of refraining from some action or from the use of something. Hello princes and princesses. 🙂 I hope you are doing fantabulous! So valentines day is right around the corner. And we live in a society were promiscuity and all types of sexual sins are not only normalized, but encouraged. But as God fearing members of the divine royalty, we KNOW that [...]

Beyond our understanding…

  (Written on December 20th) Colossians 2:9 Several weeks ago, I came across this "meme" I've got to admit that it bothered me. I said to myself: "But wait, Lord, isn't this contradictory !!" Afterwards, I thought about it several times, I read the verses in question, and then it came out of my head ... Then [...]