Godly Dating 101 – #5: ‘Till Happily Ever After​ or Letting Go?

Hey princes and princesses 🙂 So in the previous articles I shared with you the bit of knowledge I acquired about dating (trust me I'M STILL LEARNING). I want to end this first series on Godly Dating on a very important note. I've seen so many princesses fight for relationships with no future (I have [...]

Godly Dating 101 – #4: Potential Matters!

Hey princes and princesses! 😀 Not too long ago, I stumbled upon a post on a very popular blog. The headline was ''Date their reality, not their potential'', and it went on to explain why you should not date someone who has ''potential'' if it's not reflected in their reality. Well, we are all entitled to [...]

Godly dating 101- #3: 7 Dos and Don’ts

Hello princes and princesses. WELCOME BACK!! 🙂 Before we dive right into the topic. Let me say THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYALTY. While I was gone you guys weren't: I saw regular visits on the website, and I received warm messages about my whereabouts, as well as requests for blog posts and videos! I heard, well [...]

Godly Dating 101- #2: Courting vs. Dating

Hello princesses and princes 🙂 Let's get back to the fun stuff that we had been talking about before the chaos of life took over... In the first Godly Dating article, I briefly mentioned the topic of courting. But what exactly is courting/ courtship? Why and how is it different from dating? The Merriam-Webster dictionary [...]

Dating 101- #1 : One at a time.

What is the purpose of dating more than one person? Do you intend on marrying them all? Just like your steps, take it ONE AT A TIME!

Et en attendant? (5 avantages du célibat)

Salut mes princes et princesses célibataires destinés (es) à se marier! 🙂 (LOL) Comme je disais dans l'article precedent, Dieu a placé le marriage sur la trajectoire de vie de certains, et a réservé d'autre au célibat pour le servir (Matthieu 19:11-12). Je voulais donc parler un peu de 5 occasion en or que nous [...]

Getting married soon?

Can someone tell me why there's so much pressure to get married, in African communities, in general, and  Christian African communities in particular? Why do we place our sisters/daughters / friends in Christ's value in the hands of the one they will get married to? Why do we tend to easily forget that our value, each and everyone of us, is in Christ and [...]

Tu te marie quand?

Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer pourquoi tant de pression pour le mariage dans les communautés africaines, en générale, et africaines chrétiennes particulièrement??? Pourquoi place - t'on la valeur de nos soeurs/filles / amies en Christ entre les mains de celui qui l'épousera? Pourquoi oublie - t'on si rapidement que notre valeur, à tous et toutes, se trouve en [...]

Is your SOUL TIEd?

Hello princes and princesses, hope you are all doing well. As mentioned in the last article, today we'll discuss soul ties. Soul ties?!? We hear it often, but, quite frankly, do we REALLY know what it is? I sure thought I did, until I did some research for these posts... Let me tell you, I learned [...]

Abstinence: What? Why?!

  "For this is the will of God, [even] your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication" -1 Thessalonians 4:3 Hello Princes and Princesses, In the last article I quickly introduced the topic of abstinence. Advising my dear princesses not to give up the cookie before marriage. By the way, that advice applies to you [...]