I will never stop!

Nowadays, when you want to make it big time you have to refrain from saying things that might offend others. Apparently, Jesus’ name offends. Artists are asked not to talk about him, unless it's jokingly, blasphemy. Toronto Christian festival was banned almost a year ago, because of Jesus's Name. Absurd right?! I have seen quite [...]

He was everything I have ever wanted…

Back in 2014, I met this guy through a good friend of mine, one of my best friends at the time. Mister man, (that's how we are going to refer to him), was EVERYTHING I had ever wanted in a man (or so I thought)... But through our relationship, I came to learn that what [...]

Déverser le contenu de son âme…

Soyons réalistes, parfois, on essaie de prier, mais la vie nous écrase tellement que les mots ne viennent même pas. Du coups, on est incapable de passer du temps dans la prière et de vraiment se connecter à Dieu et recevoir de lui. On essaie d'ouvrir notre Bible, mais on n’y arrive pas. Quand on [...]

Pouring your soul out…

Let's be real. Sometimes you try to pray but life has got you so down that words don't even come out. You are unable to spend time in prayer and truly connect to God and receive from him. You try to open your bible but can't. When you succeed, you are totally distracted... Yes, these [...]

If I were Meagan Good’s sister, 3 things I would tell her….

This article is everything I want to tell all of you Princesses. In regards to our attire.

Be blessed, #DaughterOfTheMostHigh ❤

Amanda Ferguson

Seeing as though the video went viral last week of a lady asking Meagan to “cover up” during a forum where Meagan and her husband, Devon, were promoting their new book, I felt it was only right for me to blog about my thoughts. If you haven’t seen the video, google it and I’m sure it will pop up.

Meagan, I know lately you have gotten a plethora of good and bad feedback . Some comments were encouraging to you, and some were mean. Though I don’t agree with every aspect of what transpired during that forum, I want to tell you the truth in absolute love and with scripture as well. So this is for you , Meagan. If you were my sister, I would tell you these three things.

I would tell you as if I were your sister trying to get you in line before “mama came…

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Everything I was searching for

One thing about me: I am LOYAL 'TILL THE END! When it comes to loyalty I am 1000% in; faithfulness is highly important to me. I ride hard for those I love; I could not sleep if I knew I could have done more to  be there for someone I cherish, yet didn't. Thus, through [...]